Fall has arrived – and with it, a chill in the air finally bringing South Texas temperatures under 100 degrees. A favorite time of year for many, fall brings nostalgic sights and smells…. And in the month of October, ghost stories. With Halloween fast approaching, here are a few TX Tales about some ghoulish real estate in and around our area:

Victorias Black Swann Inn2

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn – San Antonio, TX

Built on the historic grounds of the Battle of Salado Creek (1842), and home to Fort Sam Houston’s former “Hanging Tree”, Victoria’s Black Swan Inn has been noted as one of the most haunted sights in the U.S. and on November 2, you can attend their Dia De Los Muertos Masquerade Ball for the opportunity to participate in other paranormal events. According to research and popular lore, the Inn located hosts spirits of those who died in the post-Alamo battle. The most popular of these is Steven Jeff, the only Texan to die in the battle; it is rumored he walks the grounds. The barn and the library wing of the main home also have reports of ominous guests. 

Faust Hotel courtesy Grant Laird Jr

(Photo courtesy Grant Laird Jr., via Flickr)

Faust Hotel – New Braunfels, TX

Faust Hotel was opened in 1929 just before the start of the Great Depression. Various reports of spirits drifting through hallways, floating through closed doors, and turning on and off water/electricity have been reported. It is also said that so long as the fountain out in front of the hotel is flowing, that guest have nothing to fear, however should that fountain be “asleep” be wary of unexpected guests at the hotel.

Littlefield House

Littlefield House – Austin, TX

This home is one of the finest examples of Victorian Architecture, built in 1893. While there are many tales of paranormal activity in and around this historic home, the most common tale is that of the lady of the house, Alice Littlefield. Insane, reclusive, etc., Alice rarely left the house and she may not have left at all. Since her death, people have claimed to see her ghost walking about in the upper rooms of the home and some have heard the old piano playing.



Take some time this Halloween season to do a little of your own research into some of the haunted history in your area. Learning more about local folk-lore is fun for the whole family. Perhaps it will inspire you to turn your own home into haunted mansion, or give you some great ghost stories to tell at a neighborhood party. You may even find the paranormal is closer than you think. Happy Haunting! 

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